Saâda Bonaire “The Facts” (Pharoahs Edit) + ‘Saâda Bonaire’ LP Out Now On Captured Tracks

Saada Bonaire %22the facts%22

Last November Captured Tracks released a very unique album, from a curious German duo, unearthed from the EMI vaults. That album was Saâda Bonaire – a double LP consisting of mostly unheard tracks originally recorded nearly 30 years ago in Bremen Germany. The music of Saâda Bonaire is a complex fusion of eastern instrumentation, late 70’s disco production and dub aesthetics, and despite it’s age, it doesn’t feel far removed from the current musical environment.

Today Self-Titled premieres an edit of “The Facts” from 100% Silk producer Pharaohs, whose tribal disco touches firmly sets the track to feel as relevant as ever.

Saâda Bonaire Tracklist

01 You Could Be More As You Are

02 Invitation

03 Little Sister

04 More Women

05 I Am So Curious

06 Second Face

07 Heart Over Head

08 Shut The Door

09 The Facts

10 Give Me A Call

11 Wake Up City

12 Joanna

13 Your Touch

Buy vinyl HERE

About Saâda Bonaire: the fantastic duo that was never meant to be.
Formed by Bremen DJ Ralph “von” Richtoven in 1982, Saâda Bonaire was a studio project based around two young sultry German singers and an extremely diverse backing band. Its fusion of Eastern instruments, dub aesthetics, and disco production still sounds fresh and unique today. 
Originally signed to EMI in 1983, their first and only single, “You Could Be More As You Are”, was produced in Kraftwerk’s studio by legendary Matumbi, Slits and Pop Group producer Dennis Bovell. Just as the “would-be” hit single was due for release, a scandal struck at the EMI office. 
Saâda Bonaire’s A&R man was notoriously famous for exceeding his budget. He spent triple his allowance on Saâda and was warned not to do it again. His next project was Tina Turner’s “Private Dancer”. As “Private Dancer” shot to number one in Germany, the finance department couldn’t lay a finger on Tina. Instead, they pulled the plug on all promotional support for Saâda Bonaire and cancelled all future plans for the project.
The group disappeared from public eye soon after.
This self-titled release compiles two songs from the original EMI single plus eleven unreleased songs (recorded between 1982 and 1985). Although these tracks were made thirty years ago, they seem totally contemporary when juxtaposed with what’s happening now. The melding of striking female vocals similar to those of Chairlift’s Caroline Polacheck with rhythmic disco beats ala Glass Candy or Chromatics, Saâda Bonaire feel at home in the current musical environment.
Keep up with Captured Tracks at the below links.

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